Time Moves Fast

For some reason this morning, I decided to log on to my Word Press. It has been almost a year since my last post, I remember because I just moved to Kansas and I promised myself that I would continue to write on here. I guess I broke my promise.

I do have a few stories that I would like to share and I hope to have them posted in the near future.


Climbing the Vine

I love using Vine! Great way to give small teasers of up coming events!



If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video tells a MILLION.

Vine is a Social media platform that allows you to create short looping videos for people to see.

It also directly connects to Twitter and Facebook, making it all the easier to share your content with your followers on multiple platforms.

Some brands are doing a good job of utilizing and experimenting with Vine, but many are hesitating.


I have seen brands use Vine to build hype for upcoming events or to publicize events that are currently happening.

This tactic is effective and to the point. It is also incredibly easy to implement.

A couple seconds of filming, a caption, and a button.

BAM! You are on your way.

With the short time span allotted it only allows an overview of what you are filming and doesn’t bog down watchers with minute details. Also there are…

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My Big Move

When I was six years old, my mother, sister and I moved to Canada. I have been living there ever since. But, on my 22 birthday I decided to move back to the United States where the majority of my family still lives. This is a big move for me. 

I have spent over half my life in Canada. It’s what I know, what I am used to and familiar with. However, it will be a good change to be back in the States. I will be able to spend more time with my family, see my nephews grow up, spend time with my Grandfather. 

I am a pretty easy going person, I can adapt to my surroundings very well. I may have a few bumps while I first get started in this new stage in my life. But I am confident enough that I will do pretty good. It’s a big change, but a change for the better. 

The Queen of Hearts PRISM Ball

As a final assignment for my Public Relations program I helped plan our end of the year celebration. My four group members and I spent months planning details for this event. The theme was based on Alice in Wonderland. This theme was perfect because it gave us a chance to be creative. I know that I had a lot of fun coming up with decoration ideas on a very limited budget. We ended up spending around $30 on decoration supplies.


Sample of the Rabbit Table.

There were five tables at this event and each one had its own decorations according to a certain Alice in Wonderland character or scene. There was the Rabbit table, flower table, cat table, tea / Mad Hatter table and last but not least the Queen of Hearts table.

When doing this event, I found myself getting caught up in the theme and trying to come up with clever ways to set up the banquet hall.

I have to say that I found my passion for event planning when doing this event. I can not wait for when I get the opportunity to plan an other event.

photo 5

End of the year class picture at The Queen of Hearts PRISMs Ball.

Good tips for the next time I start working on an event.

Array of Events Wedding Planning Service

To plan any great party or event, being organized is the key. Organization helps the entire event flow smoothly, leaving you less stressed and better prepared for your big day. In order to stay focused, you can follow these simple steps that make the perfect party guide.


1.) Establish A Date: You want to make sure you send out your invitations in a sufficient amount of time, giving guests the chance to RSVP and giving yourself an idea of how many people to expect. Knowing how many people will be present is crucial to party planning and affects factors such as venue and food.

2.) Pick A Location: Once you get a clear idea of how many people will be attending the event, you can pick a location that caters to your party needs.

3.) Decide on the Type of Setting: Is your party formal or more casual? Deciding this…

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Very interesting tips for when it is appropriate to hire a professional. Tells me a lot about the type of audience I should be targeting.

Array of Events Wedding Planning Service

Deciding on how you should run your party is a big decision in the party planning process. With so many DIY projects available, people are opting to do everything themselves to cut down on costs. But that can be overwhelming and you risk the chance of not being able to enjoy yourself or the outcome of the party if you decide to do everything. There are two things you should consider before you do everything yourself or hire a professional.

1.) HOW many people will be there? If you plan to have a small, intimate gathering at your home, then making the event a DIY project may be a great idea for you. If you expect a small crowd of 15-20, look to the internet and other sources to get things started and running smoothly. If the setting will be for family and friends, make the most out of your…

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Let’s Get Started!

During my 3 years of college I have always been a little confused on what I wanted to be as a professional. It was not until I finished the public relations program when I found my passion for planning events. Unfortunately for me, it was literally the last month of school when I found this out – go figure right.

Even though my college life is finished for now, I am not going to stop learning. I am starting this blog so I can hopefully learn from professionals out there. I want to share my experiences, ideas and concerns. I am open to any and all tips that people may have.